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 Dimethyl Adipate (DMA)?

Molecular weight:174
Formula:  C8H14O4
CAS # 627-93-0
Structure formula: CH3OOC-(CH2)4-COOCH3

Dimethyl Adipate, is a clear, colorless oil. Flash Point, C.O.C., ℃ 285 Boiling Point, ℃ 115 @ 13 mm Hg Melting Point, ℃ 0 Solubility in Water Negligible Vapor Pressure 7 mm Hg @ 105℃ Vapor Density 6.1


Dimethyl adipate has found use as part of  a dibasic ester (DBE) blend that is used as a major ingredient in several paint strippers. The DMA content in DBE blends varies from about 15 to 90 percent. The other components of the DBE blends are dimethyl glutarate (DMG; -(CH2)3-) and dimethyl succinate (DMS; -(CH2)2-). The most popular DBE blends used in paint stripping formulations contain about 90 percent DMA. The final DBE content in consumer paint strippers is usually from 20 to 50 percent.

DBE blends are also used in the coating industry to clean up polyurethane adhesives, polyurethane foams, and unsaturated polyester resins. DMA is used as a chemical intermediate and as a plasticizer in the production of paper and cellulose resins

Specifications and Properties

Appearance Clear colorless liquid
Assay, GC 99.5 Minimum
Odor @ 25℃ Mild, characteristic
Color, APHA 20 Maximum
Acidity, as adipic, % 0.02 Maximum
Moisture (K-F), % 0.10 Maximum
Specific Gravity @ 25/25℃ 1.058 - 1.061
Refractive Index @ 25℃ /D 1.4270 - 1.4280

Storage and Handling

Materials should be stored at room temperature or below.packed in new iron drum of 200kgs net


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