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 Dimethyl Isophthalate(DMIP)

Physical Property
CAS No: 1459-93-4
Molecular formula:C10H10O4
Molecular Weight :194
Physical State White, flake solid
Flash Point, C.O.C. ℃, :345
Melting Point,℃   :  67 - 68
Boiling Point, ℃@ 10 mm Hg :   156
Specific Gravity :1.1477 @ 85℃(molten)

One of the principal uses of Dimethyl Isophthalate is as an intermediate in the synthesis of special polymer.

Another significant applicant area is in optical resin, Thermoplastic elastomer, engineering plastics and Insulating coating

Appearance White, flake solid
Color(APHA,20% Ethanol)  10 Max
Content,GC  99.8% Min
Moisturer  0.10% Max
Acid Value(mgKOH/g)  0.10 Max


Packed in 25kg PP woven bags,or 500kg Flexible big bag.
Or Iso-tank with heat equipment


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