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 Diallyl Carbonate(DAC)

Molecular weight:144
Formula:: C7H10O3
CAS :15022-08-9

Diallyl Carbonate is colorless liquid with irritant odor
Boiling point: 95-97℃@ 60 mm Hg,(172.3℃ @760mmHg);

APplication:Raw material to produce Diethylene Glycol Bis-allyl Carbonate(CR-39)

Quality standard

Specification Colorless transparent liquid
Purity, GL ≥99.0 %
Color, APHA ≤20  
Acid Value(mgKOH/g) ≤0.1 %
Moisture(K-F) ≤0.10 %
Gravity@ 25/25℃ 0.986 – 0.996
Refractive index @ 25℃ /D 1.432 - 1.442

Package and storage

Keep close, store in cool and dry warehouse,200KG/drum


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